Rug Washing Machine

Rug Centrifugal Machine
Inner outer drums; manufactured with 18/8 CrNi stainless steel. Powerful coil system for absorbing vibration. Waste water disposal unit. 20 hp engine power. 650 r.p.m. squeeze speed.
Rug Softening Pool
Rug capacity: 5-7 rugs. Manufactured with electrostatic epoxy painted steel. Soft water with waves washing.
Rug Cetrifuge / Spinning Machine
Here is a standard full in and out stainless steel centrifuge for those of you who want the best quality as standard.
Automatic Rug Cleaning Machine
Full automatic great labor saving rug washing machine with 4-8 cylindrical brushes on a conveyor system with autmatic detergant and water mixing. Rugs come out rolled.
Semi Automatic Rug Cleaning Machine
Grip conveyor band system durable to all kinds of chemical and detergent. Manual controlled system. Washing width measuring movement controlling with automatic sensors. Water nozzles provide minimal water consumption and pressured carpet wetting and rinsing.