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We also now on Facebook, like us, ask us a questions, or e-mail us we’re here to help… Phone: (847) 387-0596; e-mail: info@donertas.us read more →

What rug cleaning equipment should you buy?

The most common question I get from professional carpet-rug cleaners is this => “What rug cleaning equipment should I buy?” And my answer is always the same. It depends. Are you doing rug cleaning as an occasional add-on service, or as your primary service? Are you expecting to wash 5 rugs a week, or 500? Do you have.. read more →

Welcome to the first stop of buying rug cleaning equipment

DONERTAS USA has a variety of rug cleaning machines available, from full size automatic cleaners for larger companies, to smaller units to fit any company budget. read more →

Welcome to our new website

Notice something different in the USA market? That’s right — we’ve given our rug cleaners NEW website with an amazing rug cleaning product line! read more →